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Empowering the Next Generation

There’s a growing movement within Canada’s financial services industry—a coming-together of young, talented professionals who care passionately about leading the future of cooperative, socially-responsible, values-driven banking that functions for the greater good of our communities and our society.

In just the last decade, credit union leaders from all over the country have united—in local credit unions, in provincial networks, in national programs—to create impactful, career-enhancing leadership experiences that equip the next generation to lead Canada’s credit unions into the future.

The newly-formed BC Young Leaders (BCYL) network is part of this exciting movement. It’s tailored to the unique needs and perspectives of BC’s credit unions. By enriching, engaging and inspiring today’s young credit union leaders in our province, BCYL is poised to make a lasting impact upon the success of the BC credit union system—today and for years to come.

44% The number of BC Credit Union employees under the age of 40

27% The number of CEO’s to retire in the next 3 years

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The BCYL is a free cooperative network of your credit union peers, who have a common goal to help enrich, engage, and inspire young leaders with skills and development that will grow and strengthen the BC Credit Union system. If your Credit Union has its own young leaders program the BCYL network will complement your existing program. Our network hosts webinars, think tanks and an annual young leaders conference to help you connect with peers across the credit union system.  

​The BC Young Leaders network is OPEN to any Credit Union employee aged 40 years or under. Join us today!

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Sandra McDowell, VP, Communications & Culture for First Credit Union
Sandra McDowell, VP, Communications & Culture for First Credit Union

​“An initiative like this is important because of its ability to further engage young leaders, to empower them, to give them an opportunity to expand their networks, and an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the system issues we face, and work collaboratively to find solutions. This is ‘why’ the NYL was so instrumental in my career, commitment and understanding. The opportunity to be part of something beyond just my credit union opened my eyes to the challenges and opportunities at hand, and being part of it heightened my engagement, and has increased my retention.”

Adrian Legin, President & CEO for Coastal Community Credit Union
Adrian Legin, President & CEO for Coastal Community Credit Union

​“Our Coastal Community Young Leaders have been significant leaders, contributors and collaborators at Coastal Community, throughout our organization.  Their integration and collaboration across our province and our country, with the BC Young Leaders and the National Young Leaders, has further strengthened their leadership skill sets, experience, diverse networks, and their related contributions.  Their important and insightful leadership has brought diverse lenses and skills to challenges and opportunities that I have greatly appreciated.”

Jeff Shewfelt, Co-CEO for G&F Financial Group
Jeff Shewfelt, Co-CEO for G&F Financial Group

​”The G&F Financial Group Young Leaders initiative, IGNITE, has been instrumental in building leadership capacity and contributing to the evolution of our culture. We have seen our future leaders display commendable initiative in taking hold of their own careers, in pushing each other to become better leaders and pushing G&F to be focused on developing leaders internally. This energy brings a different perspective to the thinking of our organization at a time that disruptive technology and innovation are driving change in financial services. Our management regime has to reflect those changes and the members of IGNITE are a catalyst for that change at G&F.”

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