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The Future of Technology - with Drew Wilczynski

The Future of Tech: Key Drivers in a Changing Financial Landscape

Open Banking. Digital Identity. Cryptocurrency. We’ve all heard plenty of speculation and hot takes on these technologies across social media, but what are the actual implications for credit unions? 

As FinTech adoption continues to grow, credit unions across Canada are facing a daunting challenge: deciding which technologies should be adopted, by whom, and within what timeframe.  

In this interactive session, Drew Wilczynski will provide participants with an overview of some of the most pertinent financial technologies affecting credit unions, and how young leaders should think about these factors when charting a career path, or developing solutions.

About Drew Wilczynski

Drew Wilczynski – Executive Director – CUCC

Drew Wilczynski is the recently appointed Executive Director of CUCC, an organization helping enable key payments services and related programs across the Canadian credit union system. He has over 20 years of experience in the technology, telecommunications, and financial services industries. He has held senior roles in Technology, Risk Management, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications. Drew has a people-first orientation to the work he does. Prior to his role with CUCC he spent 6 years working with the Large Credit Union Committee (LCUC) CIO group spearheading their shared technology and innovation program, from developing and executing strategy, to managing governance and operations